Zodiac (10) by Moikom Zeqo, translated by Anastas Kapurani & Wayne Miller

Zodiac (10)


Moikon Zeqo, born in Durrës, Albania, in 1949, is the author of more than a dozen books of poetry and fiction, as well as numerous monographs on Albanian history, literature, and culture. His book Meduza (published in English as I Don’t Believe in Ghosts, BOA, 2007) was suppressed in Albania from 1975-1995 and only appeared in print after the Communist collapse. In the mid 1990s, Zeqo served briefly as Albania’s Minister of Culture, and for many years he directed the National Historical Museum in Tirana. His collection Zodiac, from which this poem comes, is forthcoming in 2015 from Zephyr Press.

Anastas Kapurani is the author of The Myth of Lasgush (Upfront [UK], 2004), a critical study of the Albanian poet Lasgush Poradeci. Kapurani lives in Athens, where he teaches for the London Institute City and Guilds program.

Wayne Miller is the author of four poetry collections, including The City, Our City (Milkweed, 2011) and the forthcoming Post- (2016). He has coedited three books, including New European Poets (Graywolf, 2008) and Literary Publishing in the 21st Century (Milkweed, 2016; forthcoming), and co-translated two books by Moikom Zeqo, most recently Zodiac (Zephyr, 2015; forthcoming). Miller teaches at the University of Colorado Denver and edits Copper Nickel.